We have closed down

TJB Precious Metals is no longer trading.  Nothing sinister, I just want to concentrate on my day job.

I would like to thank my valued customers, some of which have been very loyal to me over the years.

Sell Off My Existing Stock

TJB’s remaining silver stock will be sold via my personal eBay account, many items will be sold via auction. This includes: 100g bars; 1oz PAMP bars; various bullion coins; NGC graded coins; coin capsules; some silver items (bars and coins) being sold as “shop soiled” as I felt they were imperfect to sell normally; etc.

My Recomendations

If you would prefer to not use eBay for whatever reason, I can recommend the following SilverTrader.UK where I have found the founder Martin Whitehouse to be a nice honest and respectable dealer in precious metals.
Below is a button link to his website.